1. We’ve always loved the reviews over at SYFFAL, and now they’ve done a great bit on PHOX’s “Slow Motion” video. Check it out in the link above!


  2. distillerpromo:

    Legendary Chicago music critic Jim DeRogatis has an early review of Phox’s forthcoming album! He called it “the perfect summer soundtrack to while away a lazy afternoon.”

    Phox’s “Slow Motion” is at radio now, and the full album will add later this year!

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  3. Hunt—“Reset My Bones (feat. Andrea Gibson)” Official Video

    Andrea Gibson got the chance to collaborate with Hunt, and the video is now live! Check it out above.

    Andrea will be on the East Coast this week, and back in Colorado for her annual residency dates next week. Grab tickets/more info here: 



  4. Check out the gorgeous new video for PHOX’s ‘Slow Motion’ in the link above, premiering via Entertainment Weekly! We’re so grateful to work with this awesome team and so excited for this record.


  5. subpop:

    For further proof that the Sub Pop SeaTac Airport store isn’t an elaborate hoax, we give you the completed storefront. One fortnight and counting until opening, plan your layovers wisely!

    Stoked for this!


  6. Andrea Gibson Tour Continues!

    East Coast—are you ready?

    Check out the latest dates and grab tickets at http://www.andreagibson.org/shows/ and be sure to tag your fan photos, videos, and posts with #andreagibson!



  8. marrrtynaaa:

    The Lumineers @ the O2, Dublin, November 2013


  9. Lumineers vinyl still looking great!

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    Pre-order the album, stream the new single, and check out their summer headlining tour, all at www.phoxband.com


  11. Big fan of this blog:


    so this is what 1000 days of band shirts looks like.  with the exception of a few non band shirts but art related ones in the begining + a bunch of bonus shirts when i changed or wore a long sleeve they are here.  it has been fun doing it.  

    i wanted to show in perspective what a 1000 blog posts look like in reality.  so i imagined up this idea to fill a photo studio wall and this is what it looks like.  took me 4 days and with the gracious help of day19 and his studio XIX Studios in Eagle Rock, CA a lot of help from my wife the photographer here emilyshur a few really great friends Victor, Lacey, and Matt i managed to erect this thing in a few days.  People kept asking me what are you doing, and why?  my answer was always the same.  i dunno, and because i can.  its the only real reason to do something i guess.  i just wanted to see this picture in my mind come to reality.  so i did.  that it.  if you click on the picture it should take you to a full size version you can nerd around on and look in more detail.  have fun with it, spend some time kooking out.  share it with your friends.  then go make something like this yourself.  

    oh yeah below is a picture of the 1000 shirt which is technically not included cause i was wearing it.  and if you were ever curious as to what i looked like after all this time, here you go.

    thats me above doing my part to make the internet a better place.  



  12. Some love for PHOX’s set at The Hideout in Chicago from Mezzic Blog 


  13. fuckyeahphox:

    Phox in Montreal


  14. Friends and co-workers, Dualtone Music Group killing it in Nashville. Celebrating 2 years since the release of The Lumineers’ debut album!


  15. allcameundonethemomentyoumeantit:


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